Announcement : 

Nau mai haere mai and welcome to Whenuapai School.


PR1ME Maths

A clear pathway to success in maths!

Here at Whenuapai we use the PR1ME maths programme. This is a programme built on clear, well-structured progressions mapping out a pathway through Year 1-8 based on practices used by top performing countries in international studies.

In 2019 we inquired into ways we could improve student achievement in maths. PR1ME was supported by strong academic data worldwide and schools we contacted who were using the programme loved it. After engaging with experts to familiarise our staff with PR1ME, we trialled it in 2020. Our student achievement data and community feedback supports the success of the programme, despite a COVID interrupted year.

The Whenuapai Pathway

While the PR1ME programme runs from Year 1-8, it is taught very differently across the different year groups. In the junior school, students need a lot of hands-on experiences using materials to support their understanding. Considerable time is dedicated to modelling and explaining new concepts, and consistent repetition is used to reinforce this knowledge. It is also expected that students will be spending more time working directly with their teachers. As Whenuapai students progress towards the senior school, a greater emphasis is placed on self-management and learner agency. While students also receive regular teacher support, in the classroom we would expect to see students working through their practice books independently, discussing their goals and next steps, using online tools and games to reinforce learnings, and peer marking to check understanding. 

Community Feedback

At Whenuapai School we are dedicated to being transparent with the content we are teaching within the classroom. In Term 1 we had an information evening with the parents of the Whenuapai School community. During that evening we received positive feedback on the PR1ME programme with parents saying they felt empowered to help with home learning because it aligned with how they were taught in school. 

How you can help at home:

Student prime books are designed to be used in school only therefore, we do not send them home. This is due to the fact that they directly reflect lessons being taught in class and are designed as follow up to these in the moment. You can support your child’s learning at home by practising basic facts recall and number knowledge. Here are a few websites you might like to try.

Professional Development and HERO:

Teachers have worked with outside experts on specific PR1ME language to support and establish effective programmes within the classroom. These programmes also include access to interactive workbooks and course books to explicitly teach all content in student books. From here, PR1ME learning goals are accessible through HERO with past, present and future achievements. HERO goals will reflect students’ learning and where they are at the moment. At Whenuapai School, we continue to develop our understanding and knowledge of PR1ME Maths to enhance and reflect on our teaching, to better support our tamariki.