Announcement : 

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Whānau,   The Ministry of Education (MoE) is proposing the establishment of a new Year 1-8 co-educational primary school in Massey Redhills, Auckland.   A preferred site for the proposed Massey Redhills Primary School has been identified within the live zoned Redhills precinct area west of Fred Taylor Drive.  To cater for school aged population growth in the short term, the proposed new school will be temporarily located at 13 – 15 Trig Road, Whenuapai.  The proposed school would be known as Massey Redhills Primary School during its establishment.  The foundation learners and staff of the school would start at the Trig Road site and move to the permanent school site in Massey Redhills when it is built and ready for occupation.     As part of the proposal, the MoE is required to consult with the Board of any state school whose roll might be affected if the school was established.   If you have any feedback on this proposal, please email me at by Friday, 15 October 2021. Your responses will be collated and form part of our feedback provided to the MoE (please note – the deadline stated in the attached letter has now been extended).   Subject to the Minister establishing the proposed new school, the MoE are also seeking nominations for the Establishment Board of the new school. Information about the role of the Establishment Board, a nomination form and the Eligibility Attestation form are attached for anyone who is interested.    Massey – Redhills – Letter consult.docx EBOT Massey – Redhills – Info pack candidates EBOTs.docx   Ngā mihi nui,   Jo Wright Principal’s PA


Digital Technologies

Whenuapai School is currently offering a series of programs to support the teaching of the Digital Curriculum.

At the start of Term Two we were able to reopen our Mindlab after a term of construction. The Mindlab was designed as a space for teachers to provide a more deliberate education in regards to the Digital Curriculum. 

We have two separate programs running. For the Junior school, we have Beebots; these are able to be programmed with simple directional movements, in order to get from point A to point B. These open a world of opportunities and allow students to follow a Computational Thinking (problem solving) approach in a fun way. The Beebots can be used to relate to all areas of the curriculum, and adapted from beginner to advanced levels. We have also purchased new Beebot mats with letters, numbers and a variety of settings to further extend the capabilities of this resource. 

For the Senior school, we have Scratch problem solving cards. Scratch is a computer program available for free through Chromebooks/laptops and an iPad app. Scratch is a huge platform and is used by people of all ages to create games, musical instruments and more. Teachers are able to set challenges using our Scratch cards which allows the students to follow a process to learn new skills on the program, which can then be applied to their own individual projects (and related to all areas of the curriculum).

All classrooms have been supplied with a variety of technology, e.g. iPads, Chromebooks, as per teacher voice last year. Year 0-3 have been supplied exclusively with iPads as they are an easier medium for younger children to use. Year 4-8 classes have a small number per class, to supplement alongside their Chromebooks. 

The Year 4-8 classes have also been issued Chromebooks. They are a great resource for researching, programming and creating digital outcomes. Each team has a number of Chromebooks supplied for the children to share, and with children able to BYOD this ensures that there are devices available for learning for all students.

Digital Curriculum Goals

Junior School (Year 0-3)

Middle School (Year 4-6)

Senior School (Year 7-8)