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Newsletter – 24 June 2021  


Learning Support

Whenuapai School Learning Support Team
Jill MacKenzie
​Learning Support Co-Ordinator

India Wych
​Learning Assistant

Jen Nairn
​Learning Assistant
Learning Support Services
A range of services are available to support students with learning, behaviour and/or wellbeing needs. All services require referral to learning support agencies for consideration and funding if applicable. The school SENCO manages these referrals.
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This government site has in-depth information on support services available for Primary/Intermediate aged children:
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Agencies accessed to support children with learning and/or behaviour needs 

Whenuapai School works with the following agencies. Click the links to find out more about these services:

Some learning support services have funding that provides an allocated time per week for our learning assistants to work with the classroom teacher to support children. These include:

  • In Class Support (ICS – MOE) provides 5 hours per week learning assistant support for a child. Applications for students were submitted in November 2018, for the 2019 school year. Funding is for the full four terms. The MOE may offer a further round of support in Term 3, 2019 (we will advise if this occurs)
  • English Speakers of other Languages (ESOL) provides 2.5 hours per week of learning assistant support for English Language Learners. There are two rounds of applications for funding (1st March, and 1st August.)  See link for criteria for support
  • Language Learning Intervention (LLI) provides 2.5 hours per week (for two terms) for children who meet the criteria for this support. A child’s parent, the speech language therapist, class teacher, SENCO and learning assistant attend a one day workshop prior to the programme

There are a number of services that provide expert help for a class teacher to support children’s learning and/or behaviour needs. These may have funding for learning assistant support, but this is not always the case:

  • RTLB/ RTLit: support the teacher to develop a programme to assist the child. They may work one:one with the child, but not always. Where required the RTLB can apply for learning support funding for a child they are working with. The funding is for a discreet intervention e.g. 30 mins or one hour learning assistant support for one term (10 weeks)
  • MOE Behaviour Support: provides assistance for a teacher (from our MOE School Psychologist) to create an Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP) and/or safety plan when required. Funding may be allocated for learning assistant support in-class and/or in the playground

The following services provide expert help and referrals can be made by parents/caregivers and/or the school:

  • Speech Language Therapist: Assists the teacher to implement a programme of speech support. May also work with the child and parents in the home environment.
  • The Physical Disability Service (MOE)
  • Marinoto
  • Oranga Tamariki

Parents/Caregivers may be interested in looking at private sector support for their child/ren where they do not meet the criteria for funding. KidsLink is a free and easy to use website to search for private services that supports families. Check out this link for further information on this