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Newsletter – 24 June 2021  



ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Our ESOL learners benefit from in-class support from a Learning Support Assistant (Teacher Aide) and explicit instruction from class teachers based on their individual needs on a daily basis. 

We recently carried out a student survey asking our ESOL learners what has helped them with their learning in the past, what helps them now and what may help them in the future. Our students said that they enjoy group experiences linked to their learning. 

As a teaching team, we found this feedback invaluable to ensure student engagement. We acknowledged that our students would benefit from additional learning experiences before a nationwide holiday or event related to our New Zealand culture. As a result, we offer additional learning experiences that are hands-on, engaging and differentiated depending on their year group, for one or two afternoons per term, specifically for our ESOL students. Our ESOL students can then build on their knowledge and vocabulary when they head back to their classrooms with their class teacher. 


Matariki – Māori New Year

The photos show our Term 2 ‘Matariki Afternoon’, organised to prepare our ESOL students for Māori New Year. Our professional development has highlighted the importance of speaking and listening for our ESOL students. Our ‘Matariki Afternoon’ provided the time and space for plenty of enriching learning based conversations to support our ESOL learners, alongside the explicit teaching they receive daily with their class teacher. We integrated learning of the seasons, months, weather, new year, comparing New Zealand breakfast items to our own cultures, trying something new with tasting of unusual fruits, making toast with different toppings, and completing a Matariki star cluster artwork piece.