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ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

ESOL funding is designed to support students with English Language Learning needs to develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students may qualify for funding if they are:

  • migrants to New Zealand.
  • former refugees.
  • New Zealand-born students, with at least one parent of migrant or refugee background.

As a school, we believe diversity is a strength. Our growing number of ESOL learners represent a large variety of diverse cultures and language backgrounds. Our experienced teachers and Learning Support team understand the spectrum of language needs, ranging from foundational to advanced academic language, and deliver a flexible ESOL programme that reflects the individual needs of all students.

In class, there is a focus on developing strong oral language, as this provides the foundations necessary for children to become successful readers, writers and communicators. The classroom teacher is responsible for delivering the key learning to the students, and the Teaching Assistants (TA) consolidate this learning. All TAs have been upskilled in the delivery of the Little Learners Love Literacy (LLLL) Structured Literacy Programme and confidently facilitate small groups to consolidate learning through double-dosing, repetition and follow-up activities. Ensuring this targetted support takes place within the classroom setting enhances the inclusive culture of our School, and provides our ESOL students with opportunities to build strong peer relationships and work collaboratively, learning alongside their peers.

The creation of ESOL specific Resource Kits for each kāinga has further enhanced the inclusive support for our ESOL students. These resource kits contain extensive resources, activities, and targeted games that can be used to support teaching and learning. These include resources for the teacher to use, as well as those that can be played with an English-speaking peer, or even independently. This ensures a strengths-based, mana enhancing approach to learning across our school.