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COVID-19 Updates & FAQ


This information is to support our whānau with any Covid-19 queries, and is a guide of what you need to do if you, your child or someone in your household tests positive for Covid-19.

Please note that we are not the “health experts”, but we do know that the Ministry of Health may be delayed in providing advice/guidance to you.

Please also note that this information is subject to change, based on any updated guidelines from the Ministry of Education & Health.

The most up to date information can be found on the following websites: and

We thank you for your continued support.

This will mean that your child will need to isolate.

All family members (who live in the same house) are now household contacts and also need to isolate and be tested.

Ministry of Health will provide more guidance.

Please ring or email the school office: 09 416 8779 or
We will need to know:

  • The name of your child.
  • The date they became unwell.
  • When they had their test.
  • When they received their test result.

We have rigorous plans in place to both support the family with the positive case and to ensure the health and safety of our tamariki and staff at Whenuapai School.

Most importantly, anyone at school who has symptoms will be sent home with advice on how to get tested.

The big message is that anyone from Whenuapai School who is unwell with covid symptoms should stay home and get tested.

No. We expect there to be cases related to school. However, class members are no longer required to isolate. Your child is still able to attend school. Over the coming weeks, we all need to be vigilant:

  • You and your whānau should watch for symptoms.
  • If any develop, get tested immediately.
  • Then, stay at home until you receive the result.
  • Please keep an eye out for school communications.

Yes. Your child will stay home and will test on day three and day seven. If these test results are negative, your child can return to school on day 8.

Tamariki will be able to access online home learning. Your classroom teacher will provide more information on this.

No – for positive cases, they can return to school on day 8, if they are well.

YES – for tamariki who have been isolating. Please inform the school office (09 416 8779 or of their day 7 negative test result.

These are all symptoms of Covid-19. Please do not send your child to school. While these may be the normal bugs/sniffles that occur, we encourage you to get your child tested.

Covid Symptoms

If your child is not a household contact, then Whenuapai School is open for them and we encourage you to send your tamariki to school. As you know, our students have missed a lot of teaching and learning over the past 2 years. We really want to see them at school as much as possible.

Our school health and safety plan for Red does contain a large number of protections. 

  • As per Ministry of Education guidelines Whenuapai School will remain open for learning.
  • Parents and caregivers will not be allowed on-site except to visit the office for enrolment, uniform and stationery purchases.
  • Tamariki from Years 4-6 MUST wear a mask (unless they have an exemption). Children in Years 1-3 do not need to wear a mask but will be supported to do so, if they want to.
  • Staff will wear a mask inside and when appropriate outside.
  • Good hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette will be followed.
  • Classrooms will be well ventilated.
  • High-touch surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected each day.
  • Classes/areas being used will be cleaned thoroughly each day.
  • Parents and caregivers can collect their children from outside of the school gates (please ensure that your children know which gate).
  • Tamariki must stay at home if they are unwell.

Our amazing team of teachers and support staff are working hard to make school fun, safe and a place of learning. We encourage you to focus on the things that they can do to help – mask-wearing, washing hands, getting a test (if required).

This website has some useful tips –